The Mummy Tag

Thank you to Victoria at lifeinthegingerlane for my first ever tag! How exciting!!

Are you a working mum or a stay at home mum ?

I am a working yummy mummy (just thought I’d add in the yummy, coz why not) Monday to Friday. Being a stay at home mum in not an option for me, not for financial reason, unless I want to severely cut back on buying crap online, but more for my sanity. I quickly discovered I am not cut out to be a stay at home mum during maternity leave.

Would you have it any other way ?

Mmm, I do enjoy my (free) time at work, however I would certainly entertain a little less time in the lab/office for a little more time in the house. I’m sure you can imagine what kind of states the house (and myself) get in after a long week of work. I would like more time for chores and freedom to do fun things like swimming or toddler groups with my little lady.

Do you co-sleep?

Oh my days, I wish!! I would love to snuggle Jess to sleep! Maybe not every night, but I would like the option once in a while. We have never co-slept, apart from when we both passed out feeding during the night or the glorious times she used to feed at 8am and we would both fall back asleep till midday. I was very firm in my belief that I wanted Jess to establish independent snoozing, whether that is right or wrong. Now, I question if our choice has made her the anti-snuggler. I live in hope that the day will come when she sneaks into my bed for a late night snuggle (then I bet I’ll change my view on that one and kick her out).

Absolutely relishing a rare Jess snuggle!

What is your must have item for your baby?

Food. It’s always food. Jess only had to start squirming and I’d shuv a boob in her mouth (the same does not apply to David – the poor fella). When she grew, it was fruit and now as a toddler it’s snacks. Plenty of snacks. Any snack. Fruit, nuts, biscuit, chocolate, anything! Going out with no snacks it wild, wild and dangerous. I once got 20 lashings for running out of raisins (I’m kidding, it was only 10. She was feeling kind that day)

How many kids do you plan on having ?

Despite gaining quite a few grey hairs and contemplating running to the moon almost every week, I do want another. Posssssibly another after than. I highly doubt David will agree to this. One more maybe, but not two. What can I say? I’m a convert, I love babies!

Date night how often do you have them ?

We never have date nights. Maybe we should. But the effort to get a baby sitter, pack for Jess, drop her off, get ready, go out…no thanks. We do try make some effort to, at least, spend evenings together, watching a box set or, recently, ripping into each other as we play Mario Kart. We might be on the same team but you’re damn tooting I’ll point out every coin he misses or race he finishes 2nd place (hahahahahaha).

Saying that, I have booked a night away in a hotel in two weeks time. Just for the night, for the two of us, I am very excited! I can even sleep past 7am the next day!

Your child’s favourite show ?

Oh my days, let me tell you.

So, we have, Mickey Mouse Club House (mild torture), Peppa Pig (reasonable torture), Paw Patrol (serious torture – I bloody hate it), PJ Masks (bearable torture), Dougie (okish torture), In the night garden (I can’t even. It freaks me out. A LOT), Sophia (Princess torture), Spongebob (fave!) and let it go (not Frozen, no, just the song on Youtube, over and over and over – torture).

Don’t get the impression Jess sits and watches TV all day, far from it. She switches channels every 2 minutes. It’s infuriating. The only time she sits still long enough to watch anything is in the evening when it’s that bloody creepy in the night garden guff. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

Name one thing you bought before you had a baby and never ended up using?

Don’t think I personally bought anything we didn’t use, most of it was bought by our parents. Really trying to thing of something e didn’t use. Mmm. We didn’t really use the squeezey spoon that you fill with food and squeeze it out. I guess we found it more fuss than it was worth as the majority of the time we gave her either puree that I made and it was in a tub that would be difficult to pour or it was blended food that would clog the spoon.

Your child’s favourite food

This is terrible, especially as we live in Glasgow, we are such a stereotype. But Jessica’s favourite food is chips. I’m so ashamed. In our defense, she does eat a mountain of fruit everyday. And nuts. And she will entertain vegetables if it’s bite size, usually I grate veg into whatever meal we are having. Sadly though, I’d have to say chips. At least I think so? Feel like I want to do a Jess experiment, offer her chips or banana and see what wins.

How many cars does your family have ?

One. I use it to ferry beast child about before I drive to work. We have thought about a second car, it’s not a necessity right now. It would ease my load, in terms of running around with Jess. I could be persuaded to get another.

Weight gain,before pregnancy,during, after and now

I gained 3 big fat juicy stone when I was pregnant. I loved every single mouth full of food! I was insatiable! Even that is an understatement, I would have 2 lunches! All I did was think of food, plan food, eat food, live food, BREATHE food. Even went to the cinema just for the snacks. The cashier at the snack counter asked ‘what would you like’ and I replied all of it! Cost a fortune, but it was the best popcorn-hotdog-nacho and drink combo ever!

I lost 4 stone after Jess was born, thanks to relentless breastfeeding and post natal depression. I looked too thin, I wasn’t eating right at all. Jess ate for the both of us. Don’t worry, I soon sorted this via eating everything in sight again. Now I’m sitting around 6-8 pounds heavier than before Jess, all on my hips and ass. I kinda like it. Maybe wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds but then again I do like snacks (clearly where Jess gets it from).

Dream holiday with your kids

Is that a thing? Dream holiday with kids? I have been looking up holidays, I think I could be brave enough to take Jess on a flight. I’m thinking a private villa in a sunny country, my bank balance is thinking I need to calm myself down. I would love to take Jess to a water park too.

Dream holiday without the kids

Yup! When we going?! I’m trying to convince David I need to go to the Maldives for my 30th. I took him away on holiday for his, why won’t he take me?! OK, maybe the Maldives is a bit too extravagant. I’d settle for a night or two away anywhere with just Dave and I. Wouldn’t like to stay away from Jess too long, I miss her cheeky little face as it is.

How has your life changes since having kids?

Oft, where do I start? I bought a house (in labour), my work relocated, my mental health relocated, everything changed. Not for the worse, although sometimes I do struggle with my mental health. It’s a journey and I’m learning, seeing the world in a different light. Nothing matters other than my family and that’s a kinda nice feeling to have. Also, I never had an audience when I pooped or showered (that I know about). That’s different.

Finish this sentence ” my heart melts when..”

Jess is being Jess. Watching her feed imaginary tea to her teddies, watching her read books, seeing her face light up when her auntie Jenny (my bff) comes to visit, seeing Jess run up and hug her daddy. Everything she does, tantrums aside, melts my heart. When she tucks all her teddies in beside her and says ‘cozy cozy’ ahhh my heart!

Where do you shop for your kids?

Anywhere I get money off or cash back. I hate paying full price for anything, it’s become a bit of an obsession. I do really like the clothing style in H&M, Next, M&Co and recently baby Zara – have you seen their stuff?! Oh my! Beautiful.

Favourite makeup and skincare product?

Even though I have some great make up and skincare, I’m not a big beauty addict. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll swoon over a beautiful MAC palette, but I don’t do make up that often. The one thing I will do every day is moisturise and put my ‘eyes’ on. I use the Clarins HydraQuench face cream, I have done for years. David’s parents gave me it as a gift and I love it. So much so, I may be persuaded to pay the price tag myself. Doing my ‘eyes’ (as I say to Jess) consists of curling my lashes and applying Lancome Grandiose mascara. I have tried various other brands, high street and more expensive brands, and every time I come back to Lancome. Switching between Grandiose and Hypnose. They are absolutely amazing!

Huggies or Pampers ?

Pampers. Always. I have tried others but they are shit in comparison.

Have you always wanted kids ?

Yup, for sure.

Best part of being a mum ?

Knowing that, to that little person I am her world. I love our bond. I love trying to make her happy. I love the smiles she brings to people. The best part is love. I am so in love with that little nutter! Plus, you get to act like a complete idiot under the guise of child entertainment.





I’d love to hear from some other Mummy’s out there so I tag Lisa from cries from an unkempt garden, Messy Mommy, Sally/Jeff Goldblum from Mah Butt Itches and anybody else who wants to take par. Please tag me so I can see your answers coz I’m a creepy creeper 🙂

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9 thoughts on “The Mummy Tag”

  1. Creepy Creeper ay! Mom’s are the best private investigators they say, so in this tag which I am honored to say the least. I answer the same questions as you? Never done one before. I loved the tear into Mario Kart. Thought for sure that was going elsewhere. Dang it! 😜 It may take me a day. I am out of order today!!🌞

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    1. Ha! The only tearing we do in on the course 😂 take your time, enjoy the sun. Yeah, you answer the same questions, I guess. It’s the blind leading the blind here 😁

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  2. I can’t stop laughing at your comment 😂 the idea that you think of waste a good Mario session doing any thing other than playing the game!! 😂😂 you dirty beast 🤣

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    1. Thank you. When she’s not melting my heart she’s melting my brain! Jess didn’t want to wear her sandals today, she’s wanted to wear the butterfly shoes….they are the same thing! Toddlers are insane!


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