#RockingMotherhood Challenge

Thanks to Messy Mommy for the nomination! Go over and check out her stunning blog! Her blog be filled with all the truths of pregnancy and parenthood, some quite honest truths are nestled away in her beautiful blog. Such as her post partum struggle with mental health, I’m pretty sure this was one of the first posts I read on WP and straight away I was hooked. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s good to know I’m not alone in resenting my partner after popping out a baby. Then there’s the cute, cute, caaaute Baby Bird focused posts. They make me question, in a good way, how I’m bringing up my little lady. I’m rubbish at describing, just go look 🙂

The ladies I would like to nominate, feel under no obligation, are as follows:

Life in the ginger lane

Super Sirrious Mom

Coffee with a side of

Here’s the rules of the challenge:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to her blog.
  2. List 10 (or more) things that make you a good mother.
  3. Grab the #RockingMotherhood image and add it to your post or sidebar.
  4. Tag three to five bloggers to join the #RockingMotherhood tag.


So I’m a bit shy, it’s true, and I certainly don’t do blowing my own trumpet. But I figure it’s ok to celebrate yourself from time to time, yes? 10 reasons why I’m a rocking mama though…this could be tough, I’m not sure I can whittle it down to just 10! I kid 🙂

10 ways I’m rocking motherhood are:

1. Writing a post like this

I’m great at boosting other people, encouraging Jessica, trying to reassure worried friends, but I’m not so good at doing any of those things for myself. Now that I’m sat down face to screen, writing about my great mothering skills, I’m worring far too much about what others will think of it, of me. So just the fact that I’m doing this means I’m rocking being a mama. I want to do this for myself and for other parents, let them know that everything they are doing is amazing, rocking!

2. I’m in therapy

I’m there for the sole purpose to continue being a mother and partner. I can tell you it’s not been easy, but given the chance I would not change it. It’s a process, one of learning and comprise. I’m terrified Jess will inherit traits of myself that I am less than favorable about. I attend my sessions with that in mind, I learn to accept these traits, feel compassion and untimely not let them become me, not let them become Jess.

3. I streak completely butt naked – and Jess does too.

I don’t know what is the right way or what is the wrong way, but you can be damn tooting I will not have Jessica growing up with anything other than a positive body image. To be fair, I can’t pin my naked running around the house on Jess, I’v been doing it for years. My parents didn’t do it and I didn’t have body hang ups – well, not until I spat out a baby. So maybe my method isn’t exact science, but I want her to  know a body is just a body. Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. There will be no – ‘you can’t wear that’ in my house. Unless it’s a Clyde football strip, which David will have something to say about.

4. I’m knackered, perpetually knackered.

I must be doing something right if I can’t keep my eyes open past 11pm on a Friday, nor do I want to. No one can be that tired (excluding medical conditions) and still be a crap parents? Surely not. That’s not to say if you are not tired you are a shit parent, you’re most likely downing coffee or have Red Bull intravenously.

5.Everything I do, I do it for youuuJessandDave

Today is pay day, you know what I bought? Jessica garden toys because it’s a beautiful sunny day. You know what I’m wearing? An ill fitting bra, a 5 year old dress, 2 year old sandals and holey pants. Do I care? Not so much – although a bra that keeps my saggy berries in their rightful compartments wouldn’t go a miss. Does Jess need toys? No. She doesn’t need anything. She is well loved for sure. My brain has switched completely from my wants/needs to Jessica and our family. I’m not meaning she is spoiled with material things, it’s just an example. She is the put before everyone, always. I could never physically or otherwise be able to do something for my own benefit that would compromise Jess in any shape or form.

6. Jess is happy

All the time. Well, apart from the usual toddler tantrums and sick days, and even then she’s pretty happy. Jessica is full of cheekiness and joy. This is every parents goal, so I think the fact that she is always a smiley cheeky little monkey means I (we) are doing something right.

7. I passionately want her to grow and be kind

There’s liberal, then there’s me. I refuse to let Jess grow up with ignorant views of people or the world. I want to teach her as much as I can, I don’t mean teach her my opinions, I aim to teach her to question things. Try to understand and respect people, to never judge a person. I have zero time for that behaviour. She will be a strong, independent lady – a drunken mantra of mine (just ask my bffer). I want her growing up to know her worth is her own and cannot be dictated by anyone else and apply this to others.

8. I want to hang about with Jessica all the time

All the time! Even when she is doing my head in and I need her to give me 10 minutes peace, I still want to hang about with her. She could be in a foul mood, moaning from the minute she wakes, making me clock watch until her bedtime and guaranteed I will miss her within an hour. It’s then that I start looking through pictures of her in my phone. I know, I’ve got issues. I just want to play with her! I get mega excited about buddy activities, tonight we made cakes and it was great fun. Even if she didn’t quite grasp the whole the mix needs to cook in the oven concept. Credit where credit’s due, she only had one melt down while ‘patiently’ waiting. Oh and then there was another melt down when she didn’t want the ‘stickers’ (rice paper character toppers) on the cakes.

Baking Buddies

9. Jessica is hilarious

I’m taking full credit for this one, sorry Dave (not sorry). Jessica may look the double of her father, but she has my attitude (and then some) coupled with my cheeky sense of humour. Maybe it’s genetic, but I’m going to ignore that and say it’s all down to me! I recognise the cheeky glint in her eye when she’s spotted something she knows not to touch, she’ll usually look right at you with a scrunched up smiley face, knowing fine well shes’s being naughty. Dave doesn’t do that, he sticks to the rules. I disagree, rules are just for guidance. Jess must get her naughtiness from my wise teachings.

10. Jessica is awesome

Ok, I’ll give Dave some credit here (insert a cheeky Kirsty/Jess face). My friend, who shall remain nameless as she’s soppy at the best of times, always gushes and tells me how awesome Jess is and how awesome we are as parents. And she’s right. Too often it’s easy to beat yourself up over your parenting, sometimes you need to take a step back and look from the outside, sometimes you need to give yourself a pat on the back. Jess is awesome! She’s hilarious, chatty, active, kind, stubborn, opinionated (in her toddler ways), confident, affectionate and happy. We done that, supported by friends and family. And for that I (we) are rocking mother(parent)hood!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Feel free to give it a go, like I said rules are guidelines, you don’t need to be tagged. Go for it 🙂




Author: Honest K

I'm too shy to fill this in. About me? Mmmm, should I say I'm a mother, partner, worker or should I write that I have no idea what I'm doing here, I don't have any wise words to share that will illuminate your life. I just wanted to bash away at the keyboard and spit out what's in my mind. Pretty sure this is not the best way to start a blog.

10 thoughts on “#RockingMotherhood Challenge”

  1. “A bra that keeps my saggy berries in their rightful compartments.” I want one, too! I’m still wearing the bras from my maternity days 😦 It’s not pretty, and it’s surely not sexy.
    Great job on the post, BTW, and thanks for the lovely compliments 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and you are very much welcome! I’m not so good with the compliments and descriptions, so I really don’t do your blog justice!
      I made the plunge and went bra shopping….it was terrible! Can I not have big pregnancy boobs all the time? Those were some good boobies! I actually got upset in the fitting room as I nipped my boob skin as it’s so ‘stretchy’ now. I giggle as I type that, but it’s not funny! My poor poor boobs, they only go south from here! Deary me!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome! Thanks, I’m not sure I would agree with you most days, but as Jess is still alive and I haven’t ran away just yet then maybe I’ll agree with you today 😀


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