I’v been coming across lots of people sharing what they ate for a week and I thought that sounds like fun, so I might join in. Plus I’m pretty nosy and like to have a snoop about what other people are doing with their lives and I know you will by dying to know what I eat all week.

I won’t tease you anymore, so with out further ado I proudly present my dinner….


Chasni Pizza

It’s Monday, you need to set yourself up for the week. There’s no better way for this than to order yourself in a Chasni Pizza – for those poor fellows that don’t know what this is, it’s a chicken chasni curry smothered all over a pizza, with plenty of (un)healthy lashings of cheese on top. Somehow they managed to sneak a real raw tomato in top, don’t worry this was promptly removed before ingesting.


Larger than David’s ribs!

Tonight, we dine in hell! Kidding. Well, not kidding too much as we had a pretty crappy stay in the luxurious 5 star Cameron House Hotel, however that’s a different topic. For tonight’s dinner I had ribs, a whole animals worth apparently, with triple cooked chips….*raises eyebrow…and corn on the cob. All of which was delicious, yet not as delicious as the price tag would suggest….


Indian Tapas – sign me up

Keeping up our health kick, we decided to have Indian tapas. If you’re a greedy grubber like me then I tapas is always the way forward. As you can see, we kept it fairly low key with 6 dishes, 2 rices, a chapati and spiced onions to start. There’s lentils in there somewhere, they are a super food right? #healthy


A drunk’s best friend

It’s getting to the end of a long week, I’m exhausted from all the cooking so I decide some chips, cheese and curry sauce are in order. These are from the Chinese take away, not widely known in Glasgow for their cheesy chip abilities, however this one hit the spot enough for me to be satisfied…that same can’t be said for D…..diet coke.


Lovers half n half

It’s Friday, you made it through the week and its sunny?! Say whaaaat?! What better way to celebrate that to have a Dominos pizza (and the rest) delivered to your back garden while you chase your toddler back in said garden and away from the road. My bbfer joined us and coaxed, forced, pleaded that we get half a pizza each and not a full one. I agreed. As long as I got chicken wings. And a garlic bread pizza. And cookies.


My original love

Ahhh Pizzahut, my old darling lover. How I adore thee! Pan please. Always. Although they kinda skimped on the cheese here. Never mind. The best way to enjoy Pizzahut is in the comfort of your bed. And with lashings of Franks hot sauce.


The cheaper the burger the better

Here we have a traditional Scottish roast, all squashed down into a convenient burger patty accompanied with nutritious potatoes cut long ways, for easy ketchup application. I felt kinda bad for not eating my 5 a day all week, so I thought it best that I get some protein backed meat and vitamin filled vegetables down me,

There you have it folks, what I ate in a week. Glasgow doesn’t have a terrible heart disease reputation for nothing! Got to keep up appearances!

**I just want to say, I obviously don’t want to cause offense to those who do post what they eat in a week/day, whatever. I’m just having a bit of a self-deprecating laugh at myself for being a lazy little unhealthy shite. I don’t mean to cause offense 🙂

7 thoughts on “What I ate in a week – the Glasgow Edition

    1. Do it! And send me all the pictures! You’re in the states, right? You don’t know how lucky u are! UK pizza cut is garbage compared to the US. Last time I was over I had hot sauce chicken on my pizza. It. Was. The. Shits. (Not literally).

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      1. Dangit, I completely forgot and had tacos. But yes, it’s happening for dinner this week. I do live in the US. PH has got the only pan pizza I like now that Domino’s changed theirs (which was probably 5-6 years ago, and I’m still pissed). I’ve never deviated from my deep dish cheese or pepperoni, that does sounds interesting though.

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