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*cracks knuckles, rotates shoulders, flexes guns (muscles)*

I’m going to do it. I have put it off for so long. I feel like I’m missing out on the party. I’m going to delve into the blogging world of Pinterest.

I have been shunning it, much like you cold over cooked broccoli on your dinner plate, pushing it to the side, even though you know you really should just eat it, it’s good for you.

Every time I see the word Pinterest or that dreaded P symbol I recoil in disgust, muttering ‘nah man, that ain’t for me. I don’t get it, what is the point?!’. Pointlesserest, more like it.

But it’s like Jess, it just won’t go away, it’s everywhere, every place am at, it’s there, hanging about, taunting me. Enough is enough! I’m going to get to grips with this nonsense.

I think the thing that scares me the most is that people use it to drive traffic to their site. This scares me as 1 – I would not like to get caught up in a views frenzy, I’m quite happy with the whole 10 views I get per day, 5 of which are from me. 2 – I honestly don’t get the point of it and 3. most people use is as a tool to drive, promote and create a blogging business from. I kinda feel like in order to use it I need to have this mindset, to compete and being a stubborn old goat, I hate being beat so I don’t want to compete (eh I’m a poet). So for this reason I have wrote it off as a tool that people only use to promote their blog, to drive traffic their way.

Then again, I do share my blog on Facebook, but that is mainly for my friends and family. I say share and not promote as I’m not keen on the ‘look, look, look! Read my post’ stuff, ya know? I’m too shy. So I’m thinking why not use Pinterest too? Plus there is a vast amount of (I’m saying this grudgingly) information, ideas and tips for your blog, so why would I not use it for a hobby that I am so clearly enjoying. It’s the only hobby other than Karate that has occupied my mind and that I have actually enjoyed for any length of time. Maybe it’s about time I just submerged myself in all the bloggy Pinning.

I’m so old and not down with the technologicals that I’m actually having to Google how, what and how the hell do I use Pinterest. I’m not thrilled with my choice, but I am determined.

Please, if you have a Pinterest account drop a link, or pin or whatever voodoo it is you use, in the comments. I would love to follow as many WP bloggers as I can – my way of saying I have a few favorites on here and I want to see what you all be doing in the P world.

I’m sitting at 101 I don’t have a clue Drive, Pinterest Land or here.



Author: Honest K

I'm too shy to fill this in. About me? Mmmm, should I say I'm a mother, partner, worker or should I write that I have no idea what I'm doing here, I don't have any wise words to share that will illuminate your life. I just wanted to bash away at the keyboard and spit out what's in my mind. Pretty sure this is not the best way to start a blog.

18 thoughts on “Pinterest – Help”

  1. I wouldn’t have a clue I’m 41! Lol. I don’t have fb. But I share my blog on Twitter. Not that it’s helps my blog. I did it cos someone said I should. I haven’t a clue how to grow a blog other than waffle about my job

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    1. Waffle about your job 😂 41?!? No way! In my mind you are mid 20s, at best. Amazing! I’m approaching 30 and I can’t work out Twitter or Pinterest, I feel like I should as so many people go on about it 🤔

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      1. In my head I’m 27…but I’m 41 go booo….in my favour most people do think I’m younger but I’m not young and cool enough to know about social media….or give a fuck about it to be honest. I must be the only person who has no pics online. Apart from naughty ones for work. That don’t even look like me cause of make up and what I’m wearing

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      2. Ohhh so there is pictures out there somewhere…interesting
        I feel you, I’m borderline able to use Facebook. I think I’m doing it right then my teenage niece will do some form of wizardry and I’m like ‘how do you do that?!’. I’ll be redundant by 40

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      3. Yeah that’s why I’m anonymous on here. There’s legal issues as to why I can’t tell you who I am
        It’s like witchcraft watching young ppl with tech lol

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  2. I do not like Pinterest. I sometimes promote blog stuff on it and it’s definitely great for views, but I don’t get any actual engagement from it, which is my goal. I’m on there under the dorkymomdoodles name.

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    1. I’m really struggling to understand the point of it all other than for blog traffic, which I’m not sure I really want. I like the idea of people reading my blog because they like it, not just empty views? I dunno. I’m going to give it a look, but it’s already bugging me

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      1. If you monetize your blog, then you’ll definitely want traffic. But if you just want to keep it as is and build up a legit engaged following, then keep doing what you’re doing.

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  3. I have a Pinterest but I don’t use it for the blog. I just use it for collecting pics and ideas. But, actually using it for its blog potential is on my to do list. I’ll get to that. One of these days…

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