Thought about doing a blog for a long time, so why not just do it eh? I was majorly propelled into writing a blog after suffering with post natal depression when my daughter was born. I couldn’t believe so many women felt the same way, yet I heard next to nothing about PND while I was pregnant. I want to share my experience, for my own sanity, and to reach out to others that feel lonely, confused and isolated by the shit storm that is depression.

My aim is to be as honest and open as humanly possible in all my posts – even if that means I get a little side eye from the partner. If you like moans, truths and reading about the nonsense that is full time work, being a full time mum and full time partner then buckle up because you are in for a “rough ride” – I’ve watched Friends an unhealthy amount.

FYI, it would be good for you to note that I’m Scottish and sarcastic – at best. I write as I would speak, I omit some of the crude words, I am a refined lady after all. If you need any guidance when reading my posts, may I recommend that you first look up ‘Rab C Nesbitt’ or ‘Chewin the Fat’. Both of which are crash courses in Glaswegian banter and dialect and should aid you greatly in reading my blog 🙂

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