You wanna see my tips? Saving Money Online.

No, don’t close the post just yet. This isn’t going to be one of those ‘tips to save you money, that won’t actually save you money but I have been paid to write this’ kinda posts. Firstly no one is paying me for this, I am sharing this information out the goodness of my heart. AKA it really fluffing bothers me that people don’t do these really simple things to save money for themselves. Man, it annoys me so much that I will offer to buy it for them for the cheapest price I can find and then they can give me the cash. Secondly, I’m ridiculous lazy/efficient by nature so if it wasn’t rewarding I wouldn’t be doing it! So if you want to be a frugal over spender like me then keep reading. Continue reading “You wanna see my tips? Saving Money Online.”


Lady Secrets

This is a post for all the men out there.

Come close, I’m going to tell you a secret. Actually, I’m going to tell you more than one secret so get comfortable (here on my leg).

These are women secrets (said in a seductive, husky voice). Things that (you think would be pretty obvious and men would do already,  but here we are) you can do for your partner to really make her feel loved, appreciated, respected and the center of your world. AKA all the shit a man can do to stop his partner from having the biannual mental eruption of ‘Why are you asking ME whats for dinner when you are in the kitchen?! Are you kidding me? Must I do everything?! I’m out of here, this is bullshit, you do fuck all around here! Fuck you, arsehole!’ – My friend told me she said that once, it wasn’t me.

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