30 Things…..that should be made EXPLICITLY clear when having a child

Continuing with the 4 month long run up to my big 3-0 celebrations (previous 30 things), I have complied a list of 30 things that should be known to expectant parents. Maybe there should be some kind of disclosure agreement or something new expectant parents should sign before the big day, in fact these points should be make known to couples even thinking about conceiving a child! It’s all fun and games till the baby pops out, then the real hardshi(t)p begins! Continue reading “30 Things…..that should be made EXPLICITLY clear when having a child”

Women – You are Dirty Beasts

I have, after over a decade of having a shushmenstrual cycle come to the realisation that woman are just walking baby ovens. Huge, hormonal, sex mad, walking incubators of reproduction. Society would have us think that it’s the men that are the primitive, instinct driven, wilder beast, pouncing at the first sign of flesh. I’m not sure that is entirely true. I’m not suggesting us lady folk are forever on heat, sniffing out the prime willies – Christ on a stick no – I think woman (females, pick the appropriate term please) are unstable beings ruled by their reproductive organs.

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30 Things…..Changes

It’s almost time. Time for me to enter a new decade. Time for me to turn 30.

I’m not all too fussed about it, age is but a number right? Maybe, look, I don’t want to give the big 3-0 bad press, but it’s awfully suspicious that the closer it gets the more I notice things. A change in things, new things, getting old things.

In celebration of me….and having serious bloggers block, I’m going to compile series of ’30 things……’ starting off with 30 changes I have noticed as I edge closer to my big 30 day – my birthday isn’t for another 4 months, can you tell I’m struggling to blog at the moment?

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Feminism Starts at Home

Oh the F word, there it is, people get their backs up more by this F word than the other F word.

Many people, myself included on occasion, roll their eyes at the mere mention of feminism. Women batting their gums about irrelevant drama, making a mountain out of nothing, creating drama at the expense of the male population, getting their nipples out at the drop of a hat to ‘protest’ not being able to get their nipples out at the drop of a hat, women! They do moan a lot don’t they.

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Parenting class 101: John wick

Life lessons from film.

I think we could all learn alot about not raising horror children based Hollywood.

I was watching John Wick the other day, I had seen it previously, a few years ago I think. I enjoyed it the first time, so when David suggested we watch it while we stuff our face full of take away, well, I was delighted. I was more than happy to watch a ‘man’ film with ‘men’ being men, blowing things up, shooting guns with great ease and awesome accuracy. I love a good macho macho (man) film.

As I was watching it, I had the normal ‘almost an adult’ thoughts, you know, the ‘I wonder how much that house cost?’ or ‘they obviously don’t have children with all that minimalistic white furniture’ or ‘she owns a lot of Jo Malone perfume (or is it cologne?), wonder what she does for a living?’. For a while now, when I’m watching films or TV shows, I’m thinking of the everyday practicalities these people live in – have you seen Fortitude? They guy that lives in a house with massive glass window panes in all directions? Does he not sit around in the buff, scratching his regions, picking his nose and flicking through the naked lady channels? Has he no shame that everyone can see him? But something new happened when I was watching John Wick the second time around. This time I learned a life lesson, and that lesson is ‘don’t raise your children to be arseholes!’.

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