This thing called Crazy, I just can’t handle it

It swings, it jives, it shakes all over like a crazy fish.
There goes my craaaazey mind, she knows how to make me cry.

I’m beginning to think this mental health business of mine isn’t like a cold, it’s not something that will just go away given time, and there’s certainly not a aisle full of remedies in the local supermarket. Well, unless you count the cake and alcohol aisle, but that’s a risky little path. Continue reading “This thing called Crazy, I just can’t handle it”

Bitches be crazy

According to the internet it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and since I’m, well, mental, I thought I would chip in.

What do I have to say on the matter? I have a terrible confession. Sadly, I once believed that a certain mental health issue, depression, was a lot of bull! People feel sad? Like, eh why can they not just get over it and stop being moody. Granted, I was much younger when I thought this, late teens I think. I didn’t get it, couldn’t understand why a person would choose to be so dour faced (Scottish for sad/grumpy/miserable). They should pull their boot straps up and get on with it! Continue reading “Bitches be crazy”

Welcome to the Relax Dome

Apparently becoming an adult means even relaxing has to be thought through and scheduled. Oh my.

So it turns out that your mental health can suffer if you don’t treat yourself to a spot of relaxation. Who thought eh? The best way I’v found to neglect relaxation is to have a kid, work full time and  to make sure your partner works late into the evening so that you, alone, are responsible for putting gremlin child (seriously, her mood had usually deteriorated to nothing short of a Demon by the evening) to bed, making dinner and trying to make the place look livable. Couple this with a dash of anxiety and spoonfuls (teaspoon sized, I’m getting there) of depression and you’ll be sure to send yourself into a uptight, on edge, mood swinging, self destruct numpty. Continue reading “Welcome to the Relax Dome”

*hides behind keyboard

Popping my blog cherry. Ohhh er

Oft, I’m nervous. Like I’m walking into a room filled with people who are all about to turn and stare at me for being late. Late and naked! 

I guess I could stop typing, but I want to do this, I like the tippy tappy noise of the keyboard – I’m joking (although this keyboard is particularly satisfying). I want to blog for lots of reasons, one of which is to share. Continue reading “*hides behind keyboard”