Product Review – Mint Julep Masque

First venture into reviewing a product. With flattering pictures thrown in for good measure.

I read a lot of product reviews, even for the most mundane of things such as a tile brush – I wish that was a lie, I even extensively researched the best tile grout reviver to buy. I like to get the best bang for my buck, reading countless reviews before making the big decision of clicking ‘add to basket’ for a new floor mop. I’m ridiculous and I am selfish. I have never wrote a product review in my puff, even though I never make a purchase without scoping out the opinion of others. Continue reading “Product Review – Mint Julep Masque”


Wednesday Wisdom

Sharing all that knowledge I have swirling in my brain

It’s Wednesday! What better day to share some wisdom! It has nothing to do with the wonderful Wednesday wisdom alliteration.

Wisdom number 1: High Waisted Jeans hide the mum pouch Continue reading “Wednesday Wisdom”