Peeeppppa Pig – Pass the wine

I’m claiming my parent sacrifice medal for this one

You might think you know what love is, you may describe it as a warm fuzzy feeling or needing/longing for that special person or maybe you think love is managing to live with someone for your whole life without sticking their head in a blender when they are getting right on your tits.

Well, I’m going to tell you what true love actually is. It’s Peppa Pig at the cinema. Continue reading “Peeeppppa Pig – Pass the wine”

Wednesday Wisdom

Sharing all that knowledge I have swirling in my brain

It’s Wednesday! What better day to share some wisdom! It has nothing to do with the wonderful Wednesday wisdom¬†alliteration.

Wisdom number 1: High Waisted Jeans hide the mum pouch Continue reading “Wednesday Wisdom”

What a terrible mother….

Should you feel guilty for leaving your baby and going to work?
Aw hell naw!

Does everyone love hanging about with their kid every day, all day?

I love Jess to bits,I really do. I love her enough that if I hear a noise I will loudly thump my way down the stairs (the thumping obviously scares the bad man away) to scope out the place, checking the doors, kinnnda checking the bathroom – you know, like the bad man will be hiding in there waiting for his opportune moment when I’m doing a whiz and he’ll cut me into tiny pieces. If I hear a noise and Jess isn’t in, then I’ll pull the covers over my head and hope for the best.

So you see I do like her, alot. Continue reading “What a terrible mother….”

*hides behind keyboard

Popping my blog cherry. Ohhh er

Oft, I’m nervous. Like I’m walking into a room filled with people who are all about to turn and stare at me for being late. Late and naked!¬†

I guess I could stop typing, but I want to do this, I like the tippy tappy noise of the keyboard – I’m joking (although this keyboard is particularly satisfying). I want to blog for lots of reasons, one of which is to share. Continue reading “*hides behind keyboard”