The REAL holiday essentials for traveling with kids. Oh, I forgot to add ducktape.

It’s holiday season, which means it’s ‘essentials for traveling with kids’ blog season. I’ve read so many ‘how to travel with kid’ blog posts, and although they are very practical and full of great tips, I think they lack a little something. A little ‘um, I think that’s illegal K’. As a seasoned traveller *ahem multiple trips up north and twice on a plane* I’m going to give you the real holiday essentials for traveling with a child. Continue reading “The REAL holiday essentials for traveling with kids. Oh, I forgot to add ducktape.”


So, now I’m back from Embo-space

You better sing that title otherwise you’ll ruin my (poor) attempts at song humour

I just got back home

With a frown upon my face

I shouldn’t have gone for 7 days, I shouldn’t have stayed with family

If known for just one second how crazy it would make me!

Continue reading “So, now I’m back from Embo-space”

Romance on the Lomond shores, just not for us

A relaxing night away! Well, at least I tried.

You know, sometimes you just need a break. For months Dave and I have been fantasizing about taking a holiday, getting some chill time. Dave’s vision is usually of a private villa with Jess paddling away in the pool, my vision is slightly different. There’s still a private villa with pool but maybe not so much Jess. She is still there, but only for an hour or so each day, then the nanny takes Jess away so mummy can lie on her cellulite filled arse buy the pool, catching some sun with the occasional nap thrown in. I’m clearly the more loving and attentive parent… Continue reading “Romance on the Lomond shores, just not for us”