Goodbye Lazy Days

RIP lazy PJ days. I miss you. I always will. We will meet again old friend, one day (in 18 bloody years apparently)

Dave and I had the greatest of intentions of leaving the house on Easter Sunday. We woke nice and early when Jess started rattling her cot and shouting ‘MUMMMMMMMMY!!‘, we made some coffee, gave Jess her (first) breakfast of dry cereal (it’s great, she takes 20 minutes to crunch through it, that’s 20 minutes of peace to drink coffee), pushed a few buttons on the coffee machine then sat on the sofa enjoying a lovely family morning together. Continue reading “Goodbye Lazy Days”


Wednesday Wisdom

7. Gluten Free Shopping

It’s not me that has a problem with poor auld gluten, it’s my partner and we suspect the monster (Jess) does too. Being an awesome, caring and generally wonderful person I do my best to prove the family with gluten free food. You know what I have noticed? Gluten free is a rip off!

If you go to any supermarket ‘free from’ section they stock the obvious gluten free substitutes like bread, rolls, wraps, cakes – all the good stuff you get hooked on at a young age.This is fine and dandy. But be careful, they will also have ‘gluten free’ tortilla chips….asssss does the crisp aisle but not for 3 times the price.

Now, I’m not dissing gluten free manufactures, I just want to share that if you can be arsed checking, there are plenty of gluten (and dairy) free snacks around the store for considerably less than those in the ‘free from’ section. Tortillas are a perfect example, did you know some flavours of Dorritos (at lest in the UK) are gluten free? We have scoured the crisps sections many times and you will be surprised at how many are gluten free but alternatives are sold in the ‘free from’ aisle at a higher price.

Check alllll the food ingredients and you’ll save a bit of dosh and soon become a frivolous gluten expert.

8. You will catch more bees with honey

Now i’m not sure is this even makes any sense regarding bees, would you catch bees with honey? They make honey but would they be attracted to it? I dunno. What I do know is it’s better to be nice than a grumpy, bad vibing, moaning, negatron of a person.

You don’t have to be the whole happy, up beat sniffing the air and relishing in life kinda happy – those people are at the extreme end of the spectrum. But what you can do is try your very best to be nice. If you have a smile on your face then you are more likely to feel less sad and more happy (I’m sure I read this on the internet so it must be true). Others will be drawn to your happy aura, people like happy people. If you want that job promotion or a cheeky freebie in lush (free bath bomb baby!) or you just want less stress, then it may help to exude positivity and cheeriness.

Ain’t nobody like a grump, it can be hard not to fall into a narking pit of negativity, but slap a smile on and stop it!

9. There is such a thing as too much fabric softener

Help ma boab, my nose it actually pulsing!

Please follow the recommended amounts for fabric softener! I didn’t. I’m pretty sure it’s a double concentrate bottle too. I free poured. Granted, my house smells lovely as do my clothes but jeezo it’s strong. Either I’m getting a cold or I should have reigned in the pouring as my nose is burning as I sit here in my great smelling cardigan.

Don’t be an idiot, follow instructions.

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Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Product Review – Mint Julep Masque

First venture into reviewing a product. With flattering pictures thrown in for good measure.

I read a lot of product reviews, even for the most mundane of things such as a tile brush – I wish that was a lie, I even extensively researched the best tile grout reviver to buy. I like to get the best bang for my buck, reading countless reviews before making the big decision of clicking ‘add to basket’ for a new floor mop. I’m ridiculous and I am selfish. I have never wrote a product review in my puff, even though I never make a purchase without scoping out the opinion of others. Continue reading “Product Review – Mint Julep Masque”

A gluten and dairy free Easter

My alternative to a chocolate filled Easter. I know, I’m upset about this too

Normally I don’t really entertain Easter, I may partake in eating a chocolate egg or two but that’s were my Easter celebrations stop. Since Jess is now a walking, almost talking wild ball of energy I thought it would be fun to have an Easter egg hunt in the garden (weather permitting – which means it could very well be an indoor hunt). Continue reading “A gluten and dairy free Easter”

Things will never be the same again

You have a kid, obviously you are going to change. Hopefully for the better

Settle down and let me list you some of the ways in which parenthood has changed me. This is not an exhaustive list, if I done that you would be exhausted reading and I would be exhausted typing and getting myself whipped up into some form of wild soap box feminist ‘lets all unite’ frenzy, ain’t no need for that kind of behaviour on a calm afternoon. Continue reading “Things will never be the same again”