30 Things…..Changes

It’s almost time. Time for me to enter a new decade. Time for me to turn 30.

I’m not all too fussed about it, age is but a number right? Maybe, look, I don’t want to give the big 3-0 bad press, but it’s awfully suspicious that the closer it gets the more I notice things. A change in things, new things, getting old things.

In celebration of me….and having serious bloggers block, I’m going to compile series of ’30 things……’ starting off with 30 changes I have noticed as I edge closer to my big 30 day – my birthday isn’t for another 4 months, can you tell I’m struggling to blog at the moment?

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The Mummy Tag

Thank you to Victoria at lifeinthegingerlane for my first ever tag! How exciting!!

Are you a working mum or a stay at home mum ?

I am a working yummy mummy (just thought I’d add in the yummy, coz why not) Monday to Friday. Being a stay at home mum in not an option for me, not for financial reason, unless I want to severely cut back on buying crap online, but more for my sanity. I quickly discovered I am not cut out to be a stay at home mum during maternity leave. Continue reading “The Mummy Tag”