Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you to Maddie over at Shatter the fourth wall for the nomination! Can you call a millennial wise? Or is wise only reserved for the old? Nah. I think Maddie is wise. Go check the blog if you like a little thought provoking, well written posts on all things life and a good dose of humour! Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”


Mystery Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger Award…

Thank you to Lisa at cries from an unkempt garden for the nomination. If you haven’t checked out her blog then you really should! Her writing style is beautiful and immersive, her recent posts have got me right in the feels. I’m always scrolling through the reader to find her posts, her story is truly one of strength and awe. She has made me feel warm and welcome on WP, the effort she puts into her comments and replies is really heart-felt and encouraging. So go have a creep around her site 🙂

Also I would like to make mention of, the creator of this award.

3 things about me;

  1. I can’t spell for shit! I remember, as far back as primary school, always being crap at spelling. I love and loathe autocorrect, obviously it’s point is to correct spelling, but it has made me lazy. For example, the word ‘especially’ (espcially – my attempt) always trips me up. Instead of trying to correctly spell it, I bast letters near enough to the word and let autocorrect, well, correct my spelling. Since I work in a lab and need to write in a lab book, you can imagine the spelling errors. I tend to think I don’t have many insecurities, but this is one or sure, group work makes me nervous incase I need to write in front of someone – the thought of having to write other people’s name is enough to give me hives!
  2. I get through life by using humour to mask a lot of things. General knowledge is a big one I mask – like spelling, I don’t know shit. Dave will ask ‘what is the capital of Australia?’ since he thinks this is an easy question that everyone knows, I will slap on a cheeky grin and reply ‘Berlin’. He will then assume that my face means I know the answer and I’m being playful, he’ll say ‘oh you know its Canberra (I googled it)’ and I say something to the effect of ‘of course I know, I’m so wise’. I’m not wise, I know jack shit about geography.
  3. I live in Glasgow, Scotland – the place that everyone moans about the weather on a daily basis. It doesn’t bother me too much, of course I would like to see the sun at some point during the year, but it doesn’t get me all crazy like it does Dave. He would love to live somewhere warmer, the lack of summer months (haha, summer months?! We get a summer week at best) really bugs him. I’m no so fussed. My whole family live in Glasgow, most of which are just ‘up the road’ (Scottish for anywhere between 1 and 100 miles), I couldn’t move far away from them. Plus my bffer just bought a house ’round the corner’ (Scottish for anywhere between 1 and 60 minute walk). My dream of becoming Rachel Green is getting closer and closer – instead of a coffee-house, my bffer and I would need to hang about in the local chippie (Scottish for chip shop).

The most favourite blog I have written has got to be Peppa Pig – Pass the wine. The whole scenario made me laugh. Dave and I still say ‘mind that time we paid to watch Peppa Pig and wanted to pick our eyes out with a rusty screwdriver to end it all?’. For sure, it will be one of those memories that stick with us forever.

Right, to tttthhhhe questions!


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