Stuff I want you to buy me – Uncommon Goods

Well! This is new!***

I pretty much do all my shopping online and I haven recently found a new site to add to my list of ‘things I want people to buy me’. But since no one buys me gift (apart from bffer who bought me 5 bath bombs this week!), I go and find all the best gifts to give to my friends. I like to find unique gifts for people online (translated as I’m too lazy to walk round shops) and there are plenty of unique/ different gifts for me..I mean, my friends on Uncommon Goods.

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This thing called Crazy, I just can’t handle it

It swings, it jives, it shakes all over like a crazy fish.
There goes my craaaazey mind, she knows how to make me cry.

I’m beginning to think this mental health business of mine isn’t like a cold, it’s not something that will just go away given time, and there’s certainly not a aisle full of remedies in the local supermarket. Well, unless you count the cake and alcohol aisle, but that’s a risky little path. Continue reading “This thing called Crazy, I just can’t handle it”