Working Class Hero

** I had a brilliant beginning to the blog, comparing Dave and I to Romeo and Juliet, saying we are the Scottish version, although I would be less keen to die for him, if he pops it I get the house paid for. However, when Dave read it, he pointed out that I had Romeo and Juliet mixed up with Titanic! Easy mistake to make I guess….**

Gutted. I was going to look all literature knowledgeable n that. Sakes.

Titanic it is then.

So, there’s this guy, his name is Dav(e)id. He’s been my partner in crime for over 11 years now, we get along swimmingly for the majority of the time, except from when I’m moody (Mon-Sun) and when hers hangry. However, there is one thing about David that makes me roll my eyes and sigh in complete dismay – he likes to think of himself as something of a working class hero.

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Scottish Anger Management

here is a list of Scottish ways that you can say to someone who is annoying you  and you wish them to leave you alone

Continuing on my rage theme today, here is a list of Scottish ways that you can say to someone who is annoying you  and you wish them to leave you alone – aka what I would love to say to the protagonist of today’s mood followed by a swift boot to the….

Add a thick Glaswegian accent for maximum effect.

Also, don’t read this if sweary words offend you.

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Twitter is so mean!

Twitter. It’s not for the faint hearted.

When I created my blog I was sucked into the realm of growing your blog. I sat there for a while worrying that I had little to no followers or page views, I joined some facebook blogging groups, read some posts, did some research. The conclusion of all my researching is…..that I really can’t be arsed with the blogging rat race. I would very much like those who follow to do so, only if they like my blog. So my social media game is pretty poor, don’t even get me started with Pinterest. Continue reading “Twitter is so mean!”

You know you’re an (immature) adult when….

You have your thrills, I have mine…

When you get fantastically excited about electrical home goods! The older I get the more I realise, you know what? life is just too full of stress to be dealing with sub par appliances. Sometimes they might be more expensive, but bitches ain’t got the energy to be faffing around anymore.

Judge me all you want, but I am going to say this with great pride:

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Why do kids wanna grow up so much?!

I genuinely think I’m turning into a grumpy old man, I’ve got the mustache to prove it.

Call me cynical, but some things just aren’t the same when you become an ‘adult’ – which I’m pretty sure is the term for people who have more issues than an entire season of Jerry Springer, that make it through each day by winging it (and Googling plenty of supposedly adult knowledge such as how to spell supposidly).

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