Think yourself SERIOUSLY lucky I refrained against pulling my camera out to document this wonderful occasion.

I don’t know, ‘strange things are happening to me’ (that’s right! That is from Toy story, do you know why? Because I’ve watched it more times this month than I have since its release). More and more these days I find I’m doing something, I pause and think ‘why don’t I find this weird?’ ‘how long have I been doing this?’ ‘This isn’t right?’. I don’t know if it’s age or the devil child or depression or a mix of everything, but something’s no right.

I’m going to write a post about poo, Jessica’s poo, because, well, this is exactly what I’m talking about, I’m weirdly proud of Jessica’s poop session last night.

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I’m being terrorized by a toddler

My parent’s say it’s karma, I say it’s bullying.

Jessica has a new favourite word : Nope.

To be fair, it’s much better than the other word she was sporting for a while, you know the one, ducks less friendly cousin with the F. Yeah that one. She was ducking about the place for a week or so, dropping the F bomb at random times, usually in front of the grandparents. It’s not the worst thing a kid could be doing I guess, but still, automatically your reaction is to scold the wee horror so she never says it again. But that would make me a hypocrite and we can’t be having that. Plus, if you tell devil child to stop something, she will usually do it more. I think this is why ‘nope’ is her new go to word. It’s so frustrating.

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