A Spontaneous Birth – is that a thing?

It’s almost the anniversary, the ‘sayonara vagina’ anniversary, otherwise known as Jessica’s’ birthday.

At this time of year, I always find myself drifting back two years, reminiscing about the day that changed my life forever, well more like days that changed my life. This time last year I was full of tears at the thought of monster child turning one, I was very much full of hormones, depression and love. The second time around, I’m still batshit crazy, but slightly less hormonal, kinda, maybe, slightly, and more ‘d’aww, my little baby is growing up.’ I’m thinking all my pregnancy, birth and feeding hormones have evaporated – my boobs are testament to that – gutted. I’m in that denial kinda phase of child birth, I only have good memories, it wasn’t so bad.

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Stuff I want you to buy me – Uncommon Goods

Well! This is new!***

I pretty much do all my shopping online and I haven recently found a new site to add to my list of ‘things I want people to buy me’. But since no one buys me gift (apart from bffer who bought me 5 bath bombs this week!), I go and find all the best gifts to give to my friends. I like to find unique gifts for people online (translated as I’m too lazy to walk round shops) and there are plenty of unique/ different gifts for me..I mean, my friends on Uncommon Goods.

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