Away and gie’s peace *insert rage face*

Away and get a better hobby than being an arsehole to people.

Today was going to be the day I introduced you lucky folk to the newest member of our family, the new lodger that is giving Jessica’s chubby cheeks a run for their money. You were going to get a cute post about our hamster.

But you won’t be. I am ragin!! (Scottish for at the end of my fucking temper)

There’s an issue occupying my mind, it’s blocking the happy, funny thoughts. Instead ugly, angry and argumentative thoughts are swirling around my mind. Some people have really pissed me off. I am at the end of my patience and temper, but I’m stuck in a helpless position, unless I want to drag myself down to their petty level.

Blogging helps with all my other mental worries so I’m hoping it will help with this. Plus it’s all I can do to prevent me shouting Cee U Next Tuesday in someone’s face.

People fuck me off. Royally. This isn’t reserved for those I’m unlucky enough to encounter on a daily basis, it’s also for the absolute wallopers (Scottish for penis and also an absolute penishead) on social media. Since I can’t take my frustration out on those that I would really, really like to, I’m going to misplace it and direct it at everyone else, society if you will.

People do my head in and it’s really pissing me off. I’m pissed off that I’m pissed off, I shouldn’t let other people bother me, but it’s extremely difficult to sit back and watch people (and myself) be attacked by ignorant, self righteous morons.

There is a new baby box scheme being rolled out over Scotland, it’s similar to that in Finland, aimed to help reduce infant mortality rates. The box is filled with basics that every expectant parent needs such as a changing mat, bath towel and thermometer. There has been some speculation that these baby boxes will cost more than originally planned, £6.2 million more. Every mother in Scotland will be given the opportunity to receive one of these boxes, if you don’t want it you don’t need to take it.

A good idea, no? Not according to some ignorant chumps that lurk on social media. The comment section is absolutely chock a block with all sorts of well educated professors, I mean they must be as they sure as heck have strong opinions about who this ‘waste’ of money should be going to and the damage this will do to our economy.

I’m all for opinions and debates, they always make me question my own point of view. However, it’s not a debate. The comments on news articles like this boil my blood, they are nothing sort of disgusting. Some people have the ‘well I managed with no help, so should you’ – what a lovely egotistic way to look at the world. Others are more concerned that these unfit, poor mothers get enough help, they don’t deserve a box, and they shouldn’t be having kids if they can’t afford the basics.

I don’t know what kind of utopian world these cretins are living in, are they blind? I shouldn’t be mean, I should try to educate them, see past their own nose. But they fuck me off.

This box is more than baby essentials, it’s a box that will try to educate new mothers. Bring them to play groups, mum fun nights, baby massage, anything that brings them closer to other mothers. You may think that it’s common sense on how to raise a baby, but many parent’s have never received basic education let alone knowing that it might not be the best idea to let your 3 month old snack on Quavers. Kudos to them, they are doing the best for their baby, in their eyes. But the problem is, it’s not always best for their baby. Still, those from less affluent areas continue to be out performed in education than those in richer areas. The box is more than a baby towel, it’s trying to give every baby an equal start in life.

So it really bugs my bones when some people have a narrow minded view of who really deserves help.

I guess the comments on the page pissed me off so much as I can feel for new mothers, I can see the class divide. All my GP, antenatal appointment and baby classes were in an area of Glasgow that has a poor socioeconomic status. I was fortunate enough to be (forced) asked to attend various baby classes, one of which was baby first aid. The free class was pretty empty. However I know of parents, middle class parents that have gone out of their way to attend and pay for such classes. During my early breastfeeding days (RIP nipples) I was at the GP’s a lot. I had thrush on my poor boobs due to antibiotics, my GP had no idea this could happen or what to do. She told me she’s never had a breast feeding mother in her surgery. Luckily I got the help I needed from the baby group, who were desperately trying to set up a breast feeding support group – one which I was and will continue to be extremely thankful for. I have seen the baby group staff try to round up new mothers, calling them weekly, asking them to attend a baby book club in the local library. Encouraging your child to read, according to research, will vastly aid in their development, it will set them up to be a better learner at school.

These boxes, as I see it, are trying to give babies a better start in life, giving them a better footing to compete (sadly) with the lucky wealthy (whether that wealth be money, love or stability) members of society. How are mothers are expected to give the ‘best’ for their baby if they don’t have the knowledge or support to do so?

My rage isn’t exclusive to those that write vile crap towards new mothers, it encompasses all those that feel the need to open their mouth towards any member of society that they deem below them or not worth the time. Glasgow is also opening a ‘fix’ centre for heroin users, a safe place to gain access to clean needles and, well, take drugs. Imagine the shock and horror of that eh? Letting these nasty ‘junkies’ have a place to take drugs. Or maybe a better way to look at it is a safe place for those that may be in desperate need of help, can go and actually get that help. They will also be able to use clean, safe needles that won’t be left on the street. Did you know that HIV in drug users is continuing to grow in Glasgow? I bet now you want drug users off the street with clean, correctly disposed needles. I know I sure do.

The narrow minded views and comments of some people really do make me angry and I look on in disbelief that the most vulnerable in our society are being attacked. Time and time again the attitude of ‘they chose that life’ comes up. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But know that if you are in a position to judge, then that is a very lucky and privileged position to be in. Instead of spouting your mouth off and doing absolutely no good to anyone, why not get off your fucking clean pedestal and help others to be as fucking wonderful as you!


What a long post just to say that people are twats that need to stop reveling in their own awesomeness and have a bit of fucking compassion for other people.










Author: Honest K

I'm too shy to fill this in. About me? Mmmm, should I say I'm a mother, partner, worker or should I write that I have no idea what I'm doing here, I don't have any wise words to share that will illuminate your life. I just wanted to bash away at the keyboard and spit out what's in my mind. Pretty sure this is not the best way to start a blog.

9 thoughts on “Away and gie’s peace *insert rage face*”

  1. Bunch of wollapers indeed (my new word – thanks for the introduction to it! The boxes really sound like boxes of love and acceptance and hope that these babies lives can be something, and that these mothers matter regardless of social standing, that the job of mothering is bloody hard and that no mum should be left on her own to do such a huge thing!

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    1. You should have seen some of the comments saying these poor children will be ‘dragged’ up by unfit mothers. Utterly disgusting! You are so right, being a parent is the hardest thing a person will be lucky enough to do. I don’t understand why people bash others. I think any help for new mothers is a great help too.
      Bunch of wallopers indeed 😀


  2. That kinda shit pisses me off. What kind of society are we if we can’t lift up and support each other? The baby box sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m sure if it were brought up in the US, many would have the same response as your assholes. God forbid someone receive something over here.

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    1. Tell me about it! In the US?! Never! Don’t even get decent maternity leave let alone a baby box! Could you imagine the outrage? I think it’s a great idea, anything to help those that need it is a step in the right direction. Some people are too brainwashed or down right horrible to see that.

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      1. It’s really sad. People over here will point out and talk shit about a mom in the checkout line with her food stamps card. People should feel fortunate that they don’t need assistance in that way instead of being so sour over it. And healthcare, good lord.

        My husband is one of the lucky few — his corporation gives him up to 12 weeks of paid leave! I wouldn’t have gotten a fraction of that if I were still teaching.

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      2. Wow 12 weeks! That really is good! Yet I still don’t think that’s enough, every woman is different but I think having my partner at home for a looooong time (instead of 3 weeks) would have helped me dramatically. Maybe not though. We will never know.
        That kind of nasty really bothers me, it’s hurts my mind trying to understand why people are so horrid to each other. More so women against women. Everyone should be made to walk in shoes of someone less fortunate, get some education about the hardships some people face!


      3. I agree, should be twice that for a woman easily, but most places won’t do more than a couple weeks paid. My husband works from home full time, so I’m used to it 😁


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